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In this section, you will find the official public deliverables of the Nature4Cities european project. Each deliverable is accompanied by a blog article summarizing its goals and main findings.

D1.1 – NBS multi-scalar and multi-thematic typology

and associated database

Cerema (FR), MUTK (HU), Ekodenge (TR), LIST (LU), Green4Cities (AT), Acciona (ES), Cartif (ES), Agrocampus Ouest (FR), University of Szeged (HU), Nobatek/INEF 4 (FR) and Plante & Cité (FR) contributed to this deliverable

D1.2 – NBS Implementation Models typology

Tecnalia (ES), Nobatek/INEF 4 (FR), Acciona (ES), Green4Cities (AT), Rina Consulting (IT), Middle East Technical University (TR), Cartif (ES), Plante & Cité (FR), MUTK (HU), Cerema (FR), Metropolitan City of Milan (IT) and the city of Alcala de Henares (ES) contributed to this deliverable

D1.3 – NBS Project Observatory specifications

Cerema (FR), Nobatek/INEF 4 (FR), Tecnalia (ES), Cartif (ES), LIST (LU), Middle East Technical University (TR), University of Szeged (HU), Acciona (ES), Agrocampus Ouest (FR), Rina Consulting (IT), Green4Cities (AT), Plante & Cité (FR), MUTK (HU) and Duneworks (NL) contributed to this deliverable

D2.1 – System of integrated multi-scale and multi-thematic performance indicators for the assessment of urban challenges and NBS

Green4Cities (AT), MUTK (HU), University of Szeged (HU), University of Nantes / IFSTTAR (FR), Agrocampus Ouest (FR), Argedor (TR), Cerema (FR), Cartif (ES), Ekodenge (TR), Plante & Cité (FR), Nobatek/INEF4 (FR), Tecnalia (ES), Acciona (ES), Rina consulting (IT), R2M (IT), Metropolitan City of Milan (IT), City of Ankara (TR), City of Szeged (HU), City of Alcala de Henares (ES), LIST (LU), Middle East technical University (TR), Colouree (IT), Innova Integra (UK), Terranis (FR) and Duneworks (NL)

contributed to this deliverable

D2.3 – NBS database completed with urban performance data

Cerema (FR), University of Szeged (HU), Agrocampus Ouest (FR), Green4Cities (AT), Argedor (TR), Plante & Cité (FR), MUTK (HU), Ekodenge (TR), University of Nantes / IFSTTAR (FR)

and Colouree (IT)

contributed to this deliverable

D3.2 – Agent Based Analysis Approaches identifying citizen agents and their behaviours for Nature based Solutions

Ekodenge (TR), Duneworks (NL), University of Nantes (FR), LIST (LU),  contributed to this deliverable

D3.4 – Climate resilience assessment methodology and climatic trend analysis

Tecnalia (ES), Ekodenge (TR), Rina Consulting (IT), Nobatek/INEF 4 (FR), University of Szeged (HU), Cerema (FR),  contributed to this deliverable

D3.5 - Dynamic Assessment Methodology

Ekodenge (TR), Nobatek/INEF 4 (FR), Tecnalia (ES) and Cartif (ES) 

contributed to this deliverable

D.4.2 - Development of a monetary value scale in MIMES

LIST (LU), Tecnalia (ES), Ekodenge (TR), Green4Cities (AT), Plante & Cité (FR), Acciona (ES), Rina Consulting (IT),  contributed to this deliverable

D4.3 - Development of an alternative value scale for NBS implementation in cities

 University of Nantes (FR)

contributed to this deliverable

D.5.1. Implementation Models Database

R2M (IT), Tecnalia (ES), Acciona (ES), Nobatek/INEF 4 (FR), MUTK (HU), Duneworks (NL) and  Middle East Technical University (TR) contributed to this deliverable

D5.2 Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement strategies and tools for NBS Implementation

Duneworks (NL), Tecnalia (ES), Middle East technical University (TR), Ekodenge (TR), MUTK (HU), Metropolitan City of Milan (IT), City of Ankara (TR), City of Szeged (HU), City of Alcala de Henares (ES), Innova Integra (UK), LIST (LU) and University of Nantes (FR)

contributed to this deliverable

D5.3 - Values of Societal Acceptance

Middle East Technical University (TR) 

contributed to this deliverable

D.7.1 - N4C Field Test Management Plan

Ekodenge (TR), Nobatek/INEF 4 (FR) and Rina Consulting (IT)

contributed to this deliverable

Thematic publications

In this section, you will find thematic papers and academic publications written in the scope of the Nature4Cities european project.

The Impact of Façade Orientation and Woody Vegetation on Summertime Heat Stress Patterns in a Central European Square: Comparison of Radiation Measurements and Simulations

Noémi Kántor, Csilla Viktória Gál, Ágnes Gulyás, and János Unger

published in Advances in Meteorology

[TR] Innovative Practices and Trends for Sustainable Cities

Dr.Özge Yılmaz, Duygu Başoğlu, Beril Şenyurt, Emre Yöntem

published in TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers -
Environmental Science and Technology Journal

Integration of ecosystem services into a conceptual spatial planning framework based on a landscape ecology perspective

Javier Babí Almenar, Benedetto Rugani, Davide Geneletti, Tim Brewe

published in Landscape Ecology

LCM at the Urban Scale: BIM and Nature Based Solutions

Antonino Marvuglia, Benedetto Rugani, Germain Adell

published in Designing Sustainable Technologies, Products and Policies

Metal Contamination in Urban Soils: Use of Nature-Based Solutions for Developing Safe Urban Cropping

Ryad Bouzouidja, Dorine Bouquet, Antoine Pierart, Muhammad Shahid, Cécile Le Guern, Liliane Jean-Soro, Camille Dumat and Thierry Lebeau

published in Bioremediation of Agricultural Soils

Other publications

In this section, you will find other kind of publication highlighting the Nature4Cities european project, such as conference proceedings, posters, webinars etc.

Radiation conditions at a central European square in a hot summer day – a case study from Szeged, Hungary

presented during the

AMS (American Meteorological Society) 97th Annual Meeting 2017

A flexible multi-scale system dynamics modelling framework to assess the socio-economic impact of urban GI

presented during  GreenInUrbs Conference 2017

[HU] Nature4Cities: A természetalapú megoldások (nature-based solutions) alkalmazási lehetőségei a várostervezésben

presented during  the 7th Hungarian Landscape Ecology Conference

Relevance of urban trees and sun shades regarding summertime heat stress reduction: field surveys from Pécs, Hungary

presented during the

21st International Congress of Biometeorology

Re-Naturing the City: Nature4Cities Project to Elevate the Concept of Nature-Based Solutions

presented during 

Sustainable Places 2017

How to use Nature Based Solutions in urban planning Systems in Europe?

presented during the 10th Interrnational Conference on Urban Climate 

New-York, USA - 2018

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