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Feedback on NBS Virtual Forum: recover all videos and presentations

Dernière mise à jour : 14 sept. 2020

On May 19th and 20th 2020, Nature4Cities organized a virtual forum. Organized in 9 sessions, this event involved 200 participants per day!

This interactive event allowed participants to share their questions and get answers from our NBS experts.

Videos & presentations

#1 - Answering current Challenges in re-naturing cities: Nature4Cities recipe

#2 - Nature4Cities knowledge and assessment platform

#3 - How to choose the NBS fitting your needs?

#4 - How to collect data to support your NBS choice?

#5 - How to measure the environmental impact of your NBS? Nature4Cities Environmental assessment tools

#6 - How to foresee the best place for your project? Nature4Cities Urban Assessment tools

#7 - How to guarantee a project with positive financial and human impact? Nature4Cities Socio-economic assessment tools

#8 - How to involve citizens into the planning process? Nature4Cities guide for new governance models

#9 - How to build a green Business Model ? Discover Nature4Cities tools to innovate in your market

An interactive event

During the event we interacted with the participants to get their view on several aspects of the project: who were they? Who do they think would be most interested in Nature4Cities tools? What were their favorite tools?

We also collected questions and ideas to improve the tools and organize further webinars and events.

Stay tuned !

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