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a Nature Based Solutions knowledge diffusion and assessment platform for re-naturing cities

Nature4Cities is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded Research
& Innovation project, creating a comprehensive reference Platform for Nature Based Solutions (NBS), offering technical solutions, methods and tools to empower urban planning decision making. This will help addressing the contemporary environmental, social and economic challenges faced by European Cities.
We will bring Nature back into innovation, planning and
implementation driven thinking. This new technical and
governance approach implies collaborative models driven by citizens, researchers, policy makers, and industry leaders, relying on participative processes and sharing of Best Practice.

Nature Based Solutions

EU definition (2015)

Nature Based Solutions are positive responses to societal challenges, and can have the potential to simultaneously meet environmental, social and economic objectives.
They are actions inspired by, supported by or copied from nature; both using and enhancing existing solutions to challenges, as well as exploring more novel ones. Nature Based Solutions are ideally resilient to change, as well as energy and ressources efficient. They recognize the importance to develop a systemic approach and at the same time to adapt interventions to the local context.

Objectives of the project

Improve the Integration of NBS in urban and spatial planning

Build a new and active community network around NBS

Offer high quality decision-support tools for re-naturing cities

Build a holistic assessment framework for NBS

Develop a reference knowledge base on NBS and Best Practice sharing

Propose new governance, business and financial models for NBS implementation

The platform

Nature4Cities aims at raising awareness about NBS and foster new collaborative models for NBS uptake by developing a knowledge, assessment and decision support platform.

This platform will provide knowledge repositories, tools for the assessment of benefits, co-benefits and costs of NBS projects, as well as tools to manage stakeholder’s participation processes.

It will help you step by step with your NBS project :

Build a NBS project
Assess a NBS project
Implement a NBS project

Our multi-stakeholder platform will appeal to:


Policy makers, technical agents from the public sector and
professionals who will benefit from the knowledge base and decision support tools


Researchers and the Education Community who will access high
standard data and methodological developments


Civil society who will benefit from the knowledge diffusion
modules and a dedicated citizen engagement platform that will
be demonstrated within the course of the project within our four pilot cities (Alcala de Henares, Ankara, Milano and Szeged).

The project seeks to reinforce the science-policy-society interface in the field of NBS-oriented urban
planning, and thus to help developing solutions that are environmentally efficient, socially acceptable and economically viable.

Activities of the project

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