Project results

You will learn more here about the work done in the scope of Nature4Cities with the level of information you need:

  • blog articles for a synthetic approach

  • Poster for a visual approach

  • Full reports for a extended approach

  • Platform tool developped based on this work

The main outcomes of Nature4Cities is a knowledge and assessment platform available

What are you interested in?


Build Knowledge on NBS

D1.1 – NBS multi-scalar and multi-thematic typology and associated database

D1.2 – NBS Implementation Models typology

D1.3 – NBS Project Observatory specifications


NBS Explorer

Discover the diversity of NBS and the challenges they help adressing

NBS explorer2.JPG



Starting from the urban challenges you meet, it helps you getting knowledge from existing NBS projects!


Assess the performance of NBS

D2.1 – System of integrated multi-scale and multi-thematic performance indicators for the assessment of urban challenges and NBS

D2.3 – NBS database completed with urban performance data


SUA TOOL - Urban Performance assessment

Nature4Cities Simplified Urban Assessment tool will help you estimate benefits related to NBS and select the most suited solutions related to your local urban challenges (climate mitigation, climate adaptation, urban water management, biodiversity, etc.).


Assess the environmental impact of NBS

D3.1 – Inventory and report on N4C urban flows components and system boundaries

D3.2 – Agent Based Analysis Approaches identifying citizen agents and their behaviours for Nature based Solutions

D3.3 –  Life Cycle Analysis goal and scope definition urban environmental indicators and Key Performance Indicators

D3.4 – Climate resilience assessment methodology and climatic trend analysis


Environmental Assessment tool

Nature4Cities Environmental Assessment aims to:

- help decision support during planning phase of NBS projects for selection of NBS alternatives with the highest potential benefit and the smallest environmental footprint.

- evaluate the performance of NBS during their implementation phase as well as adverse (negative) environmental impacts during their whole life cycle


Assess the socio-economic impact of NBS


NBenefit$ - Monetary assessment of NBS

NBenefitS is a Web-based (geo)tool for monetary and biophysical valuation of NBS ecosystem services


EQOL scale - Quality of life assessment of NBS


Implement governance, business and financing models models for NBS


Implementation Models Database

mozaique IM database.jpg


Step-by-step guide on Engagement strategies and tools

This guide is a practical guide for participatory & socially inclusive Nature Based Solutions projects. It gives citizen and stakeholder engagement strategies and tools for NBS Implementation.


Implementation Models Handbook

This guide is supporting government officials, practitioners and project coordinators in their NBS project implementation. It is sharing case studies, tools and insights on social acceptance of NBS projects

D5.4 - Socio-economic Assessment of NBS Implementation Models


Pre-selection tool

This tool will allow to select the most suitable NBS with the most suitable IM together with the cultural, social,
economic and regulatory local conditions and requirements for the successful implementation

Access all the tools in one integrated platform


Nature4Cities platform


Field-test the tools on real NBS project

D7.1 - N4C Field Test Management Plan

D7.3 - Choice and definition of the case studies

D7.4 - Data collection methodology

including AERIAL INSPECTION BY DRONES to collect, capture and generate urban data


Citizen's Say

this tool will allow you planning, structuring and managing collaboration and consultation processes and workflows, gathering data and analysing results

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