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Nature4Cities: 1 year - 7 steps towards Greener Cities

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2019

Nature4Cities brings together academics, technology centers, companies, start-ups and partner cities, and engages them in an inspiring collaboration. All converges on the same ambition: the reintroduction of nature in cities and the assessment of the multiple benefits associated with it.

This first year of the project has been very rich and stimulating, leading in particular to the identification of user requirements for Nature4Cities platform and their translation in use cases, as well as the proposition of a system of indicators for the holistic evaluation of urban projects implementing Nature-Based Solutions. During the past few months we have also started the work packages in charge of developing Nature4Cities assessment methodologies based on complementary approaches; urban physics, urban metabolism, life cycle analysis, ecosystem services and quality of life.

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