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Nature4Cities is part of the European Family of NBS projects!

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2019

Our project has been included in the clustering action encouraged by the European Commission to foster the knowledge and application of NBS and to increase the public awareness through common communication strategies.

We believe in a future with more sustainable and resilient cities thanks to a positive interaction between civil society, economic activities, public governance, and natural environment.

For this purpose, developing systematic and synergistic efforts in scientific research and technological advancement becomes crucial to create the necessary critical mass able to bring concrete application based on Nature and inspired by it in our urban contexts.

In this logic, the partnership built with other EU actions working on NBS at different scales and levels represents for Nature4Cities the opportunity to increase its exploitability and the improve the effectiveness of project impact.

After the first conference organized by The European Commission in Brussels during which all 10 EU projects started a fruitful and joint path towards a shared plan and vision, we are now on the way to a more concrete cooperation: Think-Nature Platform has been appointed to make the link between all Nature-Based Solutions projects funded by the EU H2020 program. These projects and initiatives include: Eklipse, Inspiration, NAIAD, Nature4Cities, Naturvation, Biodiversa, URBAN Green-UP, Unalab, GrowGreen and Connecting Nature.

We have always asked and encouraged our N4C partners to build a community of stakeholders, now we want also to increase the collaboration with the NBS projects ecosystem in Europe to learn from other initiatives and to contribute with our results and success to theirs.

NBS classification, pioneering experiences and implementation models as well as KPIs and assessment tools would all need to belong to a common reference system for NBS applications. We need to integrate and work towards convergence.

In this framework a coordinated dissemination campaign represents a significative step ahead towards a standardized way to think about re-naturing processes in EU cities!

By joining the N4C community, you can be part of this network too.

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