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Nature4Cities mapped and characterized Nature Based Solutions Implementation Models

This work follows the one done to develop a typology of NBS Implementation Models. We identified and categorized existing and innovative Implementation Models with a focus on the following aspects: governance, business and financing models for NBS project implementation.

The Implementation Model cards (IM-cards): translating a complex knowledge into an applicable format

The Implementation Model Database aims both to connect the NBS identified in the scope of the Nature4Cities project and pioneering experiences to different typologies of business, financial and governance models, to get a better understanding of how NBS can be developed in the urban context.

It represents an innovation in the NBS field as it facilitates the research of solutions.

The Implementation Model Database has been thought for any kind of end-users (designers, urban planners, researchers, non specialists etc) providing useful information when deciding, planning, implementing and monitoring a NBS project.

The database is constituted of more than 56 documented Implementation Model cards (IM-cards) that translate a complex knowledge into an applicable format. The database will continue to grow up with new IM-cards.

These cards cover an extensive range of Nature-Based Solutions and each one illustrates the single characteristics of the NBS implemented and the related governance, financial and business models.

It facilitates the systematization of the implementation modalities through which single NBS can be applied in specific urban contexts.

It contributes to increase the know-how about enhanced strategies, new institutional and governance arrangements as well as finance and business models, fostering multi-stakeholder involvement, to promote and help the development of nature-based solutions in cities.

Some pictures illustrating the IM cards

The Implementation Model Database (IM-Database) will be available in the N4C project platform. This is a living tool that will be updated and enhanced throughout the project lifecycle, as and when new information on NBS Implementation Models becomes available.

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