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Pilot site: The bird-friendly garden in Szeged

Dernière mise à jour : 14 oct. 2020

The "Bird-Friendly garden" is one of Nature4Cities pilot sites.

Its goal is to reconstruct the school yard of Arany János Elementary School in Szeged (Hungary), to become a diverse habitat especially for birds.

It also aims at enhancing mitigation of traffic noise and air pollution from the closely passing highway.

The project was initiated in 2016 by enthusiastic volunteer parents (there were researchers among them) and developed to a school-wide project, now with some financial fund.

The school garden has a relatively diverse vegetation allowing to magnetize fauna, especially insects and birds.

Since 2016, the quality of life in the school and its environment became more peaceful, the noise and air pollution of the highway decreased. It had a community strengthen aspect for all age as well an environmental education side for the children.

Fostering simple requirements and solutions, this project is easily replicable.

The project includes the following NBS:

You want to learn more and see the site, watch our video!

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