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An Implementation Handbook for inclusive Nature Based Solutions Projects

You are a government official, a practitioner or a project coordinator working in the public domain and you feel you need support in your NBS project implementation? Our handbook is there to guide you!

The handbook is divided in three sections.

First section : Case studies

The case studies presented retrieved from the Nature4Cities Implementation Model Database.

These cases are categorised in three main themes: rainwater management, parks and green residential areas, urban ecological networks

These themes reflect different scales of NBS interventions: Object, neighbourhood and district

Each theme is described following four aspects:

> Why is an intervention needed?

> What kind of NBS is applicable?

> Who is the key actor?

> How is the planning and implementation process organized?

Under this last aspect, we describe the governance approach of each case study (government-led, co-creation or private sphere initiative). Covering a broad variety of areas and approaches, our case studies will inspire you with practical examples.

Second section : Nature4Cities tools

The tools presented in the handbook are particularly suitable for the early stages of the planning and implementation process and enable you to make the step from being inspired to taking action.

Third section : Social acceptance of NBS

In the last section we briefly explain the main aspects of social acceptance of NBS and the need to create internal and external support for NBS project implementation. In addition, we suggest next steps cities can take to gather support and build capacity to implement NBS in their context.

Download the guide here

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