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Tools and services to implement NBS : Come to Sustainable Places 2019 to learn more!

This week (June 5th to 7th), Sustainable Places, presented as Europe’s #1 destination for dissemination of research, collaboration, networking and the creation of market opportunities, will take place in Caligari (Italy) !

The scope of Sustainable Places is captured directly in the name : designing, building and retrofitting the places we live and work in a more sustainable way.

Sustainability targets and climate change objectives cannot be met without addressing buildings and the built environment at the building, district and urban scale to include our transport and energy infrastructures. The event is renowned for showcasing results coming out of the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme via the participation of cutting-edge research and innovation projects.

Keynote sessions, parallel technical sessions and project-organized workshops are held on conference topic areas. The venue is available all week for project meetings and side events.

A paper session and a workshop dedicated to NBS

On June 6th afternoon, several propositions will be dedicated to NBS.

> From 14:00 to 15:30, the following papers will be presented :

  • Subterranean to Skyline - Street trees as potent boundary objects in transforming street section design. Findings from the Hug the Streets, Idelab Project, Oslo.” (Idelab) Deborah Davies, Kiit Consultancy, Norway

  • Transformation of green areas in large housing estates: public participation and urban gardening. Examples from Riga and Tallinn.” Alisa Korolova, Riga Technical University

> From 16:00 to 17:30, a workshop will be held about the Tools and Services for the Implementation of Nature Based Solutions.

This workshop will provide Urban Planners, Architects, Contractors and other built environment stakeholders a holistic and thought-provoking view on how nature based solutions are increasingly a part of sustainable places and the tools and methods to maximize the impact of their implementation.

The following stakeholders will held this workshop :

Nature4Cities: R2M Solution, Rina Consulting, Colouree, LIST

Operandum: Rina Consulting

SUPREME: University of Cagliari

ENI Bestmedgrape: University of Cagliari

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